Criminal Defense Lawyer

criminal defense lawyer gdanskA criminal defense lawyer plays a vital part in the course of a criminal case. He or she is responsible for defending a person charged with a crime as well as speaking on the client?s behalf. That?s why it?s so important to choose your criminal defense lawyer wisely.

In criminal cases lawyers may be chosen directly by the defendant or may be assigned the case by the court. Our experiences show that assigned layers tend to be less effective that the one you choose directly. For this reason we highly recommend our prospective clients to trust us their cases.

How do we work?

Our work is based on defending our client in the most effective way possible. We will stay in constant touch with you, in order to inform you about any developments in the case, as well as obtain all necessary explanations that may help the case. We do our best to keep communication between us clear and simple, so that there is no place for any misunderstandings caused by the language gap. We are also responsible for explaining you Polish law and confronting you with all possible legal consequences of committing the crime as well as perjuring.

As experienced criminal defense lawyers we know how to investigate the case and analyse the evidences in order to build a strong and effective defense for the case. And a strong defense strategy is the first step to win.

Criminal Defense Lawyer  Gdansk

Are you a foreigner? Have you been charged with a crime committed in Poland? Contact our Law Office in Gdansk. We are well-experienced in defending foreigners in Polish courts.

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